The work began with a large print I started in Moscow in 1993 as part of a screen printing workshop I was teaching. In preparation for this exhibition, the original edition of 30 has gone through many different stages of transformation, scraping back the existing layers of ink to excavate the underlying layers, adding multiple layers of inks through screen printing and sometimes excavating again or painting some areas by hand with ink. During the process it became clear that I would treat the original edition as monoprints. Included in this exhibition are also prints that were commenced this year, but were made as traditional editions, some with variations. The theme that runs through these prints is the act of using my hands once again rather than creating with a computer. As with my previous body of work, the prints are an ongoing conversation with my sculptural practice, built from machine parts, tools and found objects.

Exhibited at Angela Robards-Byrd Gallery, Gasworks Art Park, Albert Park, August 2016